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I just wanted to update on Ella's appt. I didn't get all my questions answered but we'll see the surgeon for a consultation to see if she's even a good candidate. Dr. Levy said that the surgeons don't make money unless they do surgery and if they said not to do surgery then you don't want to find one that will. We're going to go ahead with the laser treatments while we wait on the surgical consult and then weigh our options. But we're in a holding pattern now waiting on insurance to process the request. He said because it's flattened out so much, he'll only need to do the laser for 5 seconds every couple of weeks and will only need to apply numbing cream on her instead of a shot of anesthetic.

He was although very pleased with the progress she's made with the propranolol and timolol combo. He said this was the first time that the H showed real progress so I'm happy about that. He couldn't answer the questions about the surgery but I asked him that if it were his child, what would he do and he said the meds and laser. I told him that I was still very concerned about the long term effects of the meds and he said that since they have been around for quite some time, there hasn't been any long term effects to be studied. I guess I feel a little better but I still don't like giving her so much medicine.
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