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Hello. My son is 15 months and going in for his next surgery on Friday. After his past surgeries, he shows little signs of discomfort. He does wake from the anesthesia cranky sometimes, but that seems to be due to hunger more than pain. Pack some of his favorite light snacks and his beverage of choice for him to have in the recovery area. My son still loves his bottle, so I bring a few for him to have post op. After he has that, he is his bright cheerful self again, despite the bruising and swelling. I used to be alarmed at the appearance of his stain after treatment, but his doctor explained that bruising is a sign that the treatment is working. Now the purple appearance is less unsettling.

Also, you may want to stock up on A&D ointment for the circumsion healing. I went through a few tubes of it when my son had his. I probably used more than necessary, but it made me feel like I was doing something for him.

Good luck.
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