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Originally Posted by sarfati View Post
My 4 years old daughter was diagnosed with lymphangioma in the pelvic and right thigh and buttock.when she was 8 months old.she had a big surgery when she was 2 years old.
we had quit 2 years and 2 week ago suddenly she felt pain and the area became big, red and hot. Our doctor open the area and put drain in her buttock. now she wants to do sclerectomy.

we don't know how it will affect her. is it hard treatment?
how she will fill after?
here they inject alcohol. do anyone has experience with it?
Sclerotherapy is a good option. Everyone's body is different, so each person will react differently to treatment. It may be tender and a bit inflamed after the treatment, but will slowly shrink down if the treatment works. It is a less invasive procedure compared to surgery and the recovery time is a lot less. It's the same treatment they use for varicose veins, so you can look up how that all works and that is basically what they will be doing for your daughter. I hope it all goes well!
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