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Default New-2wk old daughter w/hemangioma on upper lip.

First of all I'm so worried and protective of my baby girl that it hit me real hard today and am so concerned as to how my little girl is going to get treated once she reaches school, as I know how cruel some children can be. Any advice helps. I believe it is a hemangioma I see my pediatrician tomorrow and I'm hoping to get a referral to see a dermatologist and start the process of getting it fixed before it starts to progress. I am concerned they are going to tell me the, "wait and see.." like I have read in some of the other forums. I just want to know that is it ok to start treatment before it starts and what other advice any other parents can give me from their experiences. I got medicaid and I was wandering if that covers most of it or all of it? Whats the first step that take? HELP!!!
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