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Hi and welcome! Take a deep breath! I have been in your shoes just 16 months ago! My daughter also has a hemi above her left lip! It was not there at birth but appeared two weeks later! Thankfully our pediatrician referred us to a Pedi derm! It has been a long journey for us so I know how you feel, I know your concerns about other kids possibly picking on your baby girl when she gets to school age..... What I have learned now from her current dr is "hemi babies need to be seen on the way home from the hospital, Early intervention is key! My daughter was on propranalol from 8 weeks old until
1 yr! It definitely halted the growth which was the goal! We are currently doing laser treatments, hoping Saturday will be the last one! Hind sight is 20/20 but I wish we would have started laser from day 1! The results are amazing! Dr Geronemus on here can help you find a great laser dr in your area! Lasers are good so long as they are in the right hands! Best of luck to you! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!!

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