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Default ulcerated H @9months old?? Help-do I need treatment now?

My ds was dx with H in his airway, lip(inside and out), tongue and parotid gland at 4 weeks old. He has been doing well on his Propranolol. He was recently dx with hand foot and mouth (fever, sores in throat and groin). But it has been 2 weeks and now I see ulcers on his inner lip on the opposite side from where his lip ulcerated at 3 weeks old (before I knew what was going on). He is in pain but no bleeding.

Can a H ulcerate at any time? Could his H be growing and now ulcerating? If it is his H ulcerating, WHAT DO I DO??

BlessedMom10 (ds dob:7/2010)

I will try to get my camera to work and send a photo to share.
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