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First step, Where are you located? It would be a good idea to have your primary physician refer you to a specialist (please let me know if I can help you identify someone closest to you). It is important in my opinion to have a few opinions so you know your options and then go forward with what fits your instincts. Insurance can be an issue...but with the right approach, it can be done. VBF has great resources for getting approvals.
As far as concern over how other children will treat her. Children typically react out of fear... they don't intend to be mean...but the unknown scares them and they don't know how to hide it or it comes out as being rude. THe best advice I've heard over the years is to treat your child like he/she is perfect...anyone else has the problem... your child will pick up more self awareness from how your react vs. the general public... One great tool for helping calm a situation and impower your child is to have them or you educate those you come into contact with. We have had a number of parents tell us that they've gone to school and talked with their child's teacher... then presented to the class the information about "hemangiomas or malformations"... kids respond very well to their peer telling them in their words what is on their face, etc. In fact, once they are educated they tend to be the most supportive and good advocates. Please feel free to email me.
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