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Hi, My 1 yo daughter has a pea-sized hemangioma on her forehead. After our first laser two weeks ago, the dr. recommended timolol too. He has been observing her for about 8 months and this was the first mention - I assume he's just heard about it.

I haven't filled the prescription (yet) and read this forum as part of my research. I'm a toxicologist who works in drug development and am acutely aware of often how little we know about how drugs work and their potential side effects, especially in kids, and thus am pretty conservative in my approach (this goes for treating E's h or treating her colds). I say this just for context about my personal approach.

I see two posts from people reporting possible side effects of timolol - possible vision changes from use directly on the eyelid/eye and possible cold hands feet in a baby receiving both oral and topical treatment.

Has anyone else suspected any side effects in their child from either topical or oral treatments?
Thanks so very much and I'm very happy for all of you who appear to be experiencing good results with this treatment!
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