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I realize that we’re all different. Some have Port Wine birthmarks over large parts of their bodies or even covering their entire faces. I have three dark red port wine birthmarks on the entire left side of my face. One involves my entire left temple and the corner of my left eye. Another is underneath my left eye, it looks just like a black eye. One involves my entire left cheek and the left side of my upper lip-it protrudes some and looks like I’ve been punched there too, and it also involves the area above my left upper lip between my nose. I can conceal those parts with a moustache, however. My birthmark(s) is smooth and although very large and deep red to purple, especially in cold weather, it might be easier for me to conceal than it is for some others, I just don't know. Is yours smooth? Have you tried one of the makeup artists at a Clinique counter in a department store such as J.C. Penney? They will apply the makeup on you and show you how to do it. I've never done that but my ex- wife had them teach her. No, she doesn't have a birthmark she just wanted to learn how to apply clinique. It was kinda funny, I turned her on to Clinique of all things. Whenever I bought some she'd get some too. Also, have either of you two r2242 and kaykay had laser treatments? If so, how did it go for you? Lasers will not work on my birthmark, so far anyway.
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