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Originally Posted by emilygallese View Post
Proud to welcome our first back in february, but my darling little peanut has what I think is a large hemangioma, (about the size of a cherry) my doc keeps saying, no worries it will go away, but its on her precious little face and I am not sure what to do.... Any advice from others in my situation? Please help! My pictures are too large to upload, but the H is right between her eyes, its very raised and swollen, and growing sooooo rapidly! Thank you.
IMO, if it is growing rapidly and on the face, get a 2nd and get going on treatment. My ped. (at first) said "wait and see) but my daughter's grew so fast it took over her entire cheek in just 4 weeks. I pushed to get to see a specialist and have the ball rolling.
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