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I want to start by telling everyone that I LOVE seeing all of the pictures of your adorable babies!!! I also want to thank you for sharing your stories. I am new here and still working my way through all of this. Reading the thread I do have a question that Iím hoping you can help me with. My son has a light angel kiss between his eyes, a stork bite, a strawberry birthmark on his belly, and a bump on his lip that his pediatrician thinks is a hemangioma (we are going to see a pediatric dermatologist at Childrenís Memorial Thursday). I am wondering if all of these, mainly the salmon patches, are considered hemangiomas. I know that the strawberry birthmark is, but I guess Iím confused about the salmon patches. I think my real worry comes from reading that multiple hemagiomas, more than 3, can indicate internal ones. Regardless, is this something I should discuss with the pediatric dermatologist?? Is it necessary that my son gets checked for internal hemangiomas??

Thank you for all of your knowledge!!!
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