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i had experimental agro laser on a small patch on my shoulder when i was young and it stopped when i was about 7. wasn't doing nuthin and at the time they thought it was a risk for luekimia? to continue until i had stopped growing. My pws on my chest and back are flat, neck face lip ear and in my head it is bulky. i actually can't stand make up. I find it irritating and can never get it right. not a girlie girl. LOL clear mascara and lip gloss only

i could work with the dark pws but the bulkiness does bother me. I don't speak clearly. An even thought the MRI says my brain is okay i still think there are a few missing links LOL i have problems understanding. having to interview people for me is hard, having to ask questions, worse. Always conscience of slight drool. Hearing only in one ear is frustrating.

I passed a guesthouse and remembered something today. A bridge collasped cutting my area off. A weekend. This is the coast so lots of visitors to the beaches and rivers. Trying to do what we can we delievered water and food, checking on guesthouses, making persons aware of emergency services did they have their meds etc....this guest house had a pool. As we got there someone had hit their head in the pool and was out of it. I grabbed a chair as i told them to take her out the pool and put her in the chair. little boy next to me had a nice thick towel. I asked, could i please have the towel for her. He wrapped it tighter around himself and didn't answer. I thought it was because he didn't know me but i realised later it had something to do with my birthmark. I try not to look into those things too much but i think about stuff like that time to time. people are so busy caught up in my birthmark they don't really see me or forget they are suppose to be conducting business with me
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