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Hi there,
I was in your shoes 6 years ago and it seems like yesterday. It's so stressful. 3 out of 4 of my daughters have hemangiomas. We only needed to treat one of them. She has had steroid treatment, surgery and laser...but my other daughters' are totally going away on their own. So I think the best thing to do is see a specialist and hear what your options are and then follow your instincts. So we have done both, intervention and "wait and see" and there are pros and cons to both. It depends on what's going on with the hemangioma.
As for school, I worried for years about how things would be when she got to pre-school/kindergarten....and it has pretty much been a non-issue. (She is in Kindergarten now) Towards the end of this year is the first time she has started to be a little self-conscious...but mostly because she recently had laser treatment and she had some bruising for a couple of weeks. Over the past few years a couple of kids would ask her about it and she would just say it's her birthmark and it wasn't really a big deal. I found my years of worry/anxiety about it far outweighed the reality of the situation. I did explain to her teachers in advance about her hemangioma and that always made me feel better. And I told them if there was ever any issues to let me know and so I felt like there was always someone looking out for her at school. We have never had a problem, so try not to worry about that too much right now...I laugh at myself as I type this because I know it can be impossible not to worry sometimes!!!
As for the insurance, we have had both regular insurance and medicaid over the years and we have always been covered for everything, so it is possible.
Hope you start to get some answers..just do lots of research, ask lots of questions and keep us posted! Good luck!
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