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My birthmark is smooth. I did once try going to a department store and have someone find makeup to cover my birthmark and the makeup artist did apply the makeup on me. But she didnít really teach me how to. I got about the same amount of coverage as she did when I covered it on my own. I could try going there again but to a different makeup artist like from the Clinique section but I am so self conscious about my birthmark. I donít anyone to see it. Iím worried that if she wonít cover it well than I would have to walk around with people staring at me. There are too many people walking by the makeup counters and I know they will stare.

I got about 13 laser treatments so far and they did help lighten it up, but not as much as I had expected it to lighten up. My PWS covers about 90% of the left side of my face excluding the forehead and chin. The birthmark is like divided into 2 parts and they connect at the top of my face. The part that is closer to the middle is darker and more resistant to the laser treatments. It got about 60% lighter than it was before treatments (it was dark red/purplish before treatments). The part that is closer to my ear is lighter and it responded to treatment really well. It got about 90% lighter after the treatments and before the treatments the entire birthmark was the same color. The pws that is more in the middle of my face is hard to cover up. The other one is a lot easier to cover up.

I used the candela V beam and perfecta and I got much better results with the perfecta. I switched to perfecta after the candela V beam laser stopped fading my pws. The perfecta still was able to lighten up some of my pws. I have only tried those 2 lasers. gdykes, what lasers have you tried so far?
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