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Hello Mensell,

Our daughter has also got a hemangioma on her nose. In the beginning it looked a bit like a bruise until the red spots started to grow. In other words, her hemangioma had both a deep (blueish tinge) and superficial (red) component.

Nasal hemangiomas can be quite tricky and are much slower to involute than those in other parts of the body, so I'd recommend seeing a specialist as soon as possible. The good news is that should a specialist find it necessary, there is now treatment called Propranolol that was helped many children - our daughter included. It is quite an undertaking as the child will need to be on it for months but if that means surgery and serious emotional distress can be avoided that way, it's worth it in my opinion. There are potential side effects like with any drug, but they are rare.

Of course, it could be that your child will be fine with any treatment, but due to the tricky nature of nasal hemangiomas I'd recommend looking into this treatment.

I can't really advice in terms of a scan, but can say I'd also heard internal hemangiomas were possible and also dangerous and was worried about our daughter's breathing which at times seemed a bit labored. The specialist we saw just listened to her chest with a stethoscope and said she was fine and her lungs sounded good, but we never had a scan. Our daughter is nine months old now.

All the best with everything!
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