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Default subglottic H-croupy breathing again

My son is 9months and 28 days old. He was dx with a subglottic hemangioma (also in mouth-lip/gums/tongue and parotid gland) at 4 wks old after croupy sounding cough/cry and discoloration on his lip (which ulcerated-small). Scope showed 50% blockage. He received 1 round of steriods and started Propranolol (2mg/kg/divided over 3 doses per day). After first day of meds croupy sounds were gone. 4 weeks later scope showed only 25 % blockage of airway. Continues on Propranolol--2 days ago started having croupy sounding occasional cough mostly at night when his reflux is worse (tx for that-meds & Elecare--poor wt gain). First night very mild, I even wondered did I really hear that. Last night very obvious croupy sounding cough. My daughter who is 3 and I both have runny nose cough (me bronchitis type)symptoms. My son does not have have a runny nose nor am I able to get anything out when I suction his nose at night when he seems congested some. Takes bottle well. QUESTION: Does my son need any medication at this point to prevent the croupy sounds from getting worse. He has only coughed 3 or 4 times today and the croupy sounds were there but seems like breathing is ok right now. I recently had to reschedule his Propranolol dose 1-2 hours later b/c an early am dose late by oversleeping (he doesnt sleep well and I get about 2-4 hours total a night). Or can I just watch him and wait and see. I am nervous that his hemangioma my not be any bigger, however if it is still 25% blocked and now he has a little cold with some swelling; is that why he is now croupy?? At 10 months his Hemangioma should not be growing, right

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