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my daughter has a subglottic h as well. i would go to the dr. and see what he/she thinks the best course of action would be. my daughter has had to do breathing treatments off and on since 4 months of age (she is now 13 months). she had wheezing though, not stridor. i'm guessing stridor must be more of the croupy sound and could be due to slight blockage. both drs. said no propranolol when she is wheezing, as it could make it worse. also, her hemangiomas are still growing, though not rapidly. i know they say most stop growing between 9 months and 1 year, but hers haven't yet. we have tried to wean off propranolol twice, but after about a week at half her usual dose, we have seen slight rebound. anyhow, i think a trip to the dr. may be in order, just to be sure it's a cold and not something more serious. i hope he gets to feeling better soon and that you call get some rest. keep us posted!
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