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Oh thanks so much for responding. I did go to the dr, actually yesterday b/c he is not sleeping worse than usual, so I wanted to make sure all was ok. No ear infection, lungs were clear etc. So I called today and dr said just watch him.

Glad to hear from you. I wondered about weaning him off propranolol like the craniofacial doc wanted to at 6 months when the ENT said not at all until at least a year. I decided that we needed to wait until at least a year before trying any weaning. My ds has never has wheezing, just the stridor (croupy sounds).

Does your daughter has H's anywhere else other than subglottic? If you don't mind sharing. I have not found many people who have this in the airway. Glad to know what others have been through.

Blessedmom 10
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