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Default Question about progression of CMTC

Hello! I normally am posting on the Hemangioma board since my daughter had one removed last year.

When she was 2 months old I noticed some pink spots turning up on her lower left leg. More of them started showing up in a spotty pattern. I showed Dr. Waner in NYC and he said it was CMTC. However, when I took her to a pediatric dermatologist he said it was just a Vascular Malformation. Same? Different?

She is now a year old and the markings are definitely darker now. Is that common? Did they just take longer to show up? They don't fade when she is warm either. It now goes from her knee all the way down to her foot in a mottled pattern. Almost the color of salmon patches.

I am really confused as to WHAT is on her leg. We go back to Dr. Waner next week so I plan on showing his team her leg since it looks way different than the last time we showed him.

I know nothing can be done about it and she has no other symptoms (besides her Hemangioma which I am unsure if that is related) but I just want a firm diagnosis as she grows up.
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