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Default Multiple hemangiomas

Hi, all! My son is 2 and a half months old and currently has 12 hemangiomas. Some are just about the size of a sesame seed, but he has one on his back that is raised and about the size of a quarter, and one on his face that is also raised, and about the size of a pea. From what I have read online, when there are multiple H's, there is a higher chance of there being internal H's.

We saw my son's pediatrician regarding the h's, and she said they don't worry about internal ones unless the external ones are over an organ. This seems crazy to me, and I haven't been able to find if it is true or not. She did refer us to a dermatologist, which we have an appointment with next week, but I feel as though we should still get an ultrasound for him. Has anyone had their doctor tell them the same thing?
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