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r2242 and kaykay My birthmark(s) was tested with two of the very first lasers available back in 1988, one was an argon laser the other candella. Neither did any good. My last and most recent test area was done by Dr. Waner in 2001. I don't remember what type of laser he used but it did no good either. The problem I have is that just about a year before lasers were made available to treat PWS, around 1975, I had the only type of treatment done that was available. It was called a tattoo. The procedure involved tatooing pigment into the birthmark to either lighten or destroy it. It was not very effective at all and might have made it worse in some ways. Now the area of skin on my face around the birthmark that has the pigment in it will not tan. So I've got a nice complexion on the right side of my face but the left side with the birthmark is abnormally light around the birthmark and won't even tan. This is when and why I began using make up to try to even up my complexion. And now the pigment that was tattooed into the birthmark impedes laser beams so that they cannot reach the depth of skin where the birthmark is. Boy, talk about horrible timing. If I had only known in 1975 when I began that tattoo crap that a year later lasers would be available, my birthmark might have been gone by now. I have to wonder whether the cosmetic surgeon who performed the tatooing knew that lasers might be available in the next year.
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