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I know that in our case the need for anesthesia would out weigh any possible (and remember no one can tell you there will be a problem) learning issues. If the procedure you are considering is truly needed for your child's well-being any future chances of learning issues come in second. Our daughter has already had anesthesia twice and we wouldn't ever second guess the decision. One time it allowed her cardiologist to diagnos her atrial septal defects (holes in the heart) and the other allowed us to get a true picture of her hearing which we needed so that we could prevent a delay in communication which would have also led to learning issues down the road. I am not trying to be unsympathetic of what you are feeling because I understand where you a coming from because you want to give your child all the best that you can. I just want to point out that you never know what the result of anything will be but sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. I did everything right during my pregnancy but that didn't insure that I had a healthy baby. You deal with everything as it comes.
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