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We will be heading back to Mayo next week. Becca needs to see her cardiologist for her yearly checkup. She has been having some complications. In April she was diagnosed with asthma but now we are starting to second guess the diagnosis. Since then she has been having a very fluid-like sound when she breaths. We also hear this when she starts breathing heavy and she cries and gets upset in her carseat. She has even more trouble when she lays down and wakes up and sits or stands in the middle of the night (from what I have read this is because the fluid is worse when laying down). She has also started rolling up blankets and then laying down while on her knees. We are guessing that she is starting to have some fluid buildup in her lungs due to her heart. This would make sense since she has had such a tough winter with infections, has gained no weight since September (she is now below the 5th percentile), is very pale, and is having some discoloration and water retention in both her hands and feet. We are now only scheduled for a chest x-ray and an appointment. I would guess that if Dr. Eidem has concerns he may have us stay so that another echo can be done (she isn't supposed to have another until next summer). We are concerned because they don't want to have to do surgery until she is bigger and we have my surgery coming up soon. Hopefully all will turn out!
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