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My mom and cousin are coming to stay with the kids. We have been working on all of the planning and writing detailed meds schedules. We have also been working with our oldest son on how to take is meds. He is learning the schedules for himself and he is also getting good at being able to know what Becca needs. Also, I am preparing all of the meals or for simple meals I have purchased all of the groceries so that there isn't a chance of Anna getting products that she is allergic to. Becca's allergies are eggs and peanut butter so I have avoided anything with these so that she isn't affected. Also, we will do a really good job of cleaning with Becca's cleaning supplies before we leave. I have also told my mom in no uncertain terms to not use any cleaning supplies outside of my one cabinet and that she can't stray from the planned menu. She said something about taking them out for supper one night and I said no because there are so many products containing sunflower oil that Anna would have problems. We have also decided that we are going to learn how to do Skype before we leave so that Dale can Skype home while we are in Omaha. We will set one of our work computers up at home with a webcam and then we will take out home computer with us. My 19 year old cousin will be here to work the computer for the kids and it may also allow Dale to do morning and evening meds with them. I think this will help. I am still nervous about leaving them but my mom seems to be taking this more seriously now. I think she realized how careful she needs to be about checking labels because when we went to her house for Easter there were two or three items that my mom had for meals that all contained sunflower oil and she felt bad that Anna couldn't have it. She started off saying she didn't want us to cook ahead of time but now she is realizing that it will be easier for her because she won't have to be scared that she will eat something that may cause a reaction.
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