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Default questions about my baby girl's hemangioma. Glad to have found this site!

I had a c-section and when I first held her she was about an hour old. AS soon as I took her I noticed this bruise on her hand/wrist. Nurse was like must have been a birth injury. My Ob said no it was not. Family Dr had xrays done. Called down a OT guy to look and he said he was a hemangioma. Then the light blub went off in my Dr and was like yeah a strawberry. It got red within the month or so, really flaming red by 2-3 months and now at 7.5 months it is a darker not so bright looking red. We did see a PED around 3 month old who also said yup leave it as it will go away. I never thought much more about it until my oldest daughter saw a diff ped on Thursday. Baby was there with me. I just mentioned to her about babies with them do she get them to see a DERM. She asked me to show her it and when I did she said you really need to take her to the Derm. She did not seem to want to call it a "strawberry" either. I got a odd vibe from her. I went to my family Dr then on Friday and now are waiting on the time to see our Derm. She is my 3d child and this is new to me. The last PED we I spoke to there kinda put the worry in me. I mean another ped said it was a strawberry but could it be called something else? I diff type of Hemangioma? Google got my brain fried and I can't ever find a pic of one on an arm like my daughter Heidi. From what I read they don't usually be there at birth but a little (week or more) later. Her's looked like a bruise with these veins running through it. I will add some pics. SO happy I found this site online!
I am in Canada and my Family Dr said the norm here is to never do anything unless there is a breathing problem. I am looking forward to seeing the Derm to see what he has to say but that could be months of waiting to get in to him.
edit she also has what they call a stork bite on her neck. That is pretty much faded to nothing now.

these pics may be big don't know?
minutes old

2 hours old

2 weeks old

2.5 months

7.5 months old (today)

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