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Thank you for your replays. It made a difference to me. I so wish I had more light on this issue. If there is anything you know of- please forward it to me ?
My child is otherwise healthy, he has a cosmetic issue- that is port wine stain on his both ears and parts of his cheeks and neck. He responded well to his surgeries, as far his birthmark is gone by about 50%. We treated him twice under GA and 3 times without.
The scary bit is that if I go according to treatment plan I'll espouse him to additional few surgeries. (By the age of 3-4 - some kids have 15- 20 surgeries behind... and that's the most sensitive time for developing human brain ref: ). I want to prespone his treatment and start it again after his 3rd birthday to avoid any risks that GA may impose. Animal studies prove again and again that brain is adversely influenced to repeated general anesthesia in the first phase of rapid development...
If my child had heart or any life threatening condition, as in case of Abatie's daughter I'd definitely not think twice about the surgery... but cosmetic procedure? I can't justify it to myself to take the risk... even if they are not proven yet... I think that they will get better lasers in the future to remove PWS but if I let my child's brain to be somehow destroyed now- I'll not be able to reverse the damage.
Thank you so much for your reply and wisdom.

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