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Default Struggling with my birthmark

My name is Peter, I'm 14 years old and live in Liverpool. Im from a working class background and have lots of friends, however I have had problems coping with my birthmark.
I always wondered why I could never get in a relationship the past two years, I always treated girls I liked well and they always got along well with me, but recently I realised it was down to my hemangioma on my left cheek. My hemangioma is slightly raised and so it sticks out more than the other side of my face. Although the colouring has now gone in it, people still constantly make remarks about my birthmark. And the horrible thing is, I know people joke about it and say absolutely awful things, but they would never say it to my face. I've only ever had one girlfriend and I'm getting to the age now when I want relationships with girls. All my male friends are honest and believe I'm good looking and don't get enough girlfriends, and a lot of girls say I deserve a beautiful girlfriend, but none of them ever seem interested. It really depresses me seeing as nowadays girlfriends are all that matter, and I can't get one because of my birthmark :/ I've consulted a doctor, but he told me that if I got it removed, I would make it worse. It's pretty depressing and I feel like I stand out, and not in a good way. There's nothing worse than hearing girls talk about it. It really upset me about a month ago when i was talking to a girl i know, and her friend said that we look alike. I found it bad when I heard the girl whisper 'at least I don't have a big ugly birthmark on my face'. It really upsets me to think of the kind of things people say behind my back and I feel ugly I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on what to do in these circumstances?
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