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I agree with your thought process completely on the idea of surgery for only cosmetic reasons. What has your doctor said about postponing? Do they feel the results would be the same? I know that for my part I probably wouldn't do anything such as surgery for cosmetic reasons but that is just a personal thing. I know many people want to improve their child's appearance to avoid teasing. They also feel that it will give there child a more even playing field in life. I have read about many on this board who struggle because of lots of different conditions. I remember being very self-confident of Becca's CMTC when she was first born (I rarely put her in shorts during her first summer) but I don't give it a second thought. We will make sure to talk with her about being self-confident and will do everything we can for her. That being said, I may feel differently if my child had a condition on her face because that is always visible to everyone you meet. We have also already had some negative experiences with people and Becca's condition so we can understand how rude people can be.
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