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Hi Hank
I know exactly how you feel, I'm 14 and I have a hemangioma running across my right jaw. It is raised and so sticks out. It really is horrible for me because as easy as I can make friends with women I know I can't get a relationship. All of my friends have girls that they are all flirty with and they all get complement on their looks, and I never do, and I know it's down to my birthmark. It really does dissappoint me because without it I could have such a good life :/ especially at my age, relationships and who you're with means a lot. I wish someone could see me for who I am and not a lump on my face. Yesterday I was in the shops with a girl, and when I turned to look at her she couldn't stop staring at my birthmark, I feel like a freak and I feel like I'll be lonely my whole life
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