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I would use this site to help you more. You can ask Experts on here, can find a doctor that is close to you on this site and talk to other parents who also are dealing with the same thing. My daughter was also a C-section baby and she has one on her nose the doctor just put her on some meds (Propranolol) that will help it go down faster. All the doctors I seen and I saw many have told me it would go away on its own but does grow before it starts to go down. So they want to put her on propranolol so when it grows it wouldn't cut her air way off. Also just to let you know it if you do nothing about it could take up to about 10+ years for it to go away.

if you would like to find a doctor where you live:

Here is a link to a expert that deals with just the arms and legs if you would like to message him with any questions
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