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We are home! So many of you can relate to that feeling I am sure. Becca had a very good report but it left us with more questions. He complications are not being caused by her heart and her heart is exactly the same size as a year ago with very clear lungs. The cardiologist is sure e complications are not heart related but he doesn't know what is causing it. He wants us to go back to the allergist and discuss the Mayo rsults and then keep him in the loop. If we can't figure something out close to home he will help us find someone at Mayo to give us answers. He did make an interesting suggestion that it could be a vascular complication in some way. Although this is intriging to me I have done a ton of CMTC research and have never heard of anything like this. I just have a hard time believing that I would have missed this if there was anything on it because I have read everything I can find forward and back. We will keep searching for some answers. She had a rough night while in Rochester and I sat up with her most of the night. She also reallystruggled to breathe in the car seat while gone.
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