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Default Surgery / laser on lower lip hemangioma

Hi everyone, i am new here. My daughter Lauren (now 3.5 years) had beard distribution hemangiomas pop up everywhere when she was two weeks old. All this has pretty much gone (on its own - no steriods) except for her lower lip hemangioma. Shes very lucky in that it kept mainly to her lipline but we still gets LOTS of comments on it. Im just wondering if anyone else out there has had this type of hemangioma treated successfully by surgery or laser. Its very bright in colour still and has a scar where it ulcerated when she was small. I am happy to leave it as is but if it becomes an issue for her we will look into different options. One doctor we saw suggested turning her lip inside out! (I didnt like the sound of this and I couldnt imagine now natural looking it would be - he assured me it would). Another downside to this is that she would have no feeling in her lip - imagine a hot pie or cup of tea on that! Another doctor suggested "debulking" it from the inside which sounded better. Its probably more the colour which is the most noticeable thing about it still. Is laser effective in treating that? Any suggestions from anyone who's been in this position?? Or before and after pics of treatment done? I will try to upload a pic so you can see what i am meaning. Many thanks for reading this
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