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My first chance to post, I've spent the week at the hospital; last Sunday night I found Ruby with blood on her face. Her sutures were leaking and she had a fever. We rushed her to the hospital in the am (they said we'd be waiting for hours in ER anyway, so we might as well have her specialist see it). They decided they had to do another surgery. I cried all day. She was an "add on" so she was the last surgery of the day. Got home on Thursday, haven't slept much. She seems to be doing ok, it is just so scary to know a 2 month old is having 2 surgeries within 72 hours.

She has a new longer, larger scar, but she is alive and her evil heman. is in the past. The antibiotics (ointment & internal) I hope are doing their job. Follow up at hospital next Monday. This has been a real nightmare.
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