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hi . i know how you feel i have the same issue. and the question are so dumb i had some one ask me did she fall weren't you watching her , of course i was . it hurts to think people are not educated enough before they ask questions. i will send you picture of then and now . and to be honest I have a beautiful tale because of all this, i was afraid to breast feed was very careful with the bottle . i blame myself and my husband left me , i didnt have anyone to guide or help me except my family. my mother who catholic suggested a healing mass which i attended GOD help me i mean literally the next day the mark started to cover up with white patches it started to close and day by day it look better and better she just turn two and you can hardly see it . i also thank the doctors who also help they have written books on hermangioma and volunteer there services for the unfortunate . please email me if you have any other question im from long island , new york
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