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Well I'm going to knock on wood, when I say that today was the first happy day my baby Ruby had in weeks. We did not have to use the restraints, we realized that the bandages were what was making her grab at her face so we put her in mittens (taped them to her actually) and have left her wound open with just the antibiotic ointment. She was soooo happy today. We have to give her 100% attention, can't leave her alone for a minute but only have to swaddle to sleep now.

We have a follow up tomorrow, it appears the infection is gone and we are using homemade celtic sea salt saline solution with a few drops of tea tree oil. I swear it is the wonder cure. In just one day her scar is on the mend. It stings when we put it on, I can tell by the screams, but a few seconds later she stops and I really think it is worth it for the anti-bacterial/healing properties.

Thanks to you all for your support. It has been a horrible bunch of weeks but I feel we might be around the bend....
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