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Well I think she's handled it very well considering ... her info, bio and pix is at a private link on the KT site. I'll be glad to share it w/ you. Email me at I think most of your questions will be answered there .. ( and I won't have to type a book here.. :-)

About any other diagnosis b/4 the KT? No , none at all. All we knew is she had a birthmark..... the doctors said" oh it will probably go away as she gets older.." I remember thinking that is a programmed answer for they didnt' know nor had a clue..
How she handles it now... She knows her limits physically and she is very active. The doctors stated that was a GOOD thing.. To keep that blood flowing. I can tell you if you're daughter has any underlying vascular malformation issues, especially blood pooling she more than likely will have issues come out around puberty.

How it affects her now? The Kt will always be with her , she knows that, she's learning what will and will not work for her. For ex: in just the past few mths she's realized she has to eat something more than 3 times a day, even if it's a snack, she has to have lots and lots of water. And IF her foot/ leg is hurting she has to elevate it to get thru the pain. She wears her stocking pretty faithfully and always has.

Cosmetic issues:. the PWS is part of her, she doesn't seem to care to have the pws issue corrected w/ laser. We used to tell her it was extra angel kisses that GOD gave her. She knows better now.. :-) She is a strong kid and doesn't let folks ignorance hold her back. She's been known to tell the guys in school ( back in middle school ) Hey if you want one like this we can sure paint it on and then you can be like ME! ha ~ I had to laugh. .. some days have been harder than others, but I have tried to instill in her that she is not her birthmark unless she lets the birthmark control her. IF folks can not see past that then they are not meant to be her friends anyway.. It's sad but it's very true...

Write soon..


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