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hour and a half later the entire wound opened


this is as it stands today . despite all that has been going on this little girl has been simply AMAZING still happy as hell dancing singing and running around as if nothing is wrong with her.

update we have talked to the primary surgeons at CHOP yesterday and they had a board meeting regarding her current condition and stated that they all agree that it defiantly does not look infected , it is currently in a " remmulating stage " , is doing what it should be doing for a lip wound that has opened after surgery , and they also said that Dr. Low is one of their most advanced and best doctors on staff at the hospital and in the industry. Also we were told that the wound will be easier to close after it heals from the current splitting and healing process and that we should keep our appointment on friday.

i have gotten a couple of emails from doctors in ny whom i had emailed photos to and he stated the same that unfortunately at this point nothing can be done due to the tissue being too fragile and that it is a waiting game and that he has has preformed thousands of hemangioma surgeries and that unfortuantly on the mouth this is common. But it does usually lead to a better fusion of the lip because the medical scar is allot easier to work with than a ulceration scar. ive tried clicking on the link to ask levitin but it tells me to log in and i try and it tells me my log on credentials are incorrect ?
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