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Originally Posted by sunfresh View Post
Hi there!

May i know whether you are able to claim from insurance in singapore while you send your boy to do the treatment in HK?

May i know how painful the whole process is for your child?

And how extensive your son's pws is?

I do not have much finance to always bring my gal to HK for treatment. would you have any singapore doc for recommendation?

Hi Sunfresh,

Sorry for the late reply.

I fought with my insurance company twice until they finally agreed to cover all the treatments. Btw, we're living in Hong Kong

The whole process of the treatment was really fast. The hardest part was no food intake for the 6 hrs before the treatment, only very little water is allowed.

My little boy's PWS is on right eyebrow (can't be lasered), one line on the forehead (gone), little bit on the eyelid (gone), down to the cheek (light pink), and little bit on the temple (light pink).

Sorry, I don't know any doctors in Singapore. You might want to send an email to Dr. Nelson for recommendations Good luck!

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