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I just talked to another physician today over the phone, we sent pictures to him and he had helped me in my correction of the remulating stage , it's actually called the granulating stage which is the healing processing of the tissue breaking down and healing . He also stated that breakdown of the wound probably cam from the corterizing of the tissue of the hemagioma and by not cutting the entire hemangioma out . From what I'm told is that dr David low is a VERY conservative doctor and I'm still told that he is one of the leading professionals in the field. From this stand point of him be bulking and leaving some of the hemangioma behind as such not to cut the entire lip off and leave no tissue , that's one of the things that couldve caused the breakdown . From what im told when you leave some of the hemagioma behind it actually goes into break down mode and the tissue actually starts to die because there is no more blood supply and it destroys the integrity of the area where the stitches . Hence weak dying tissue , break down of inner tissue , tension from tissue shrinkage and healing and lip movement , I guess it was inevitable it was gonna rip out ...... I guess . But the physician I talked to says he's a lot more aggressive and can possibly see my daughter and close up the area with injections to drain and a more tissue evasive procedure to try and close it up . He said that the conservative methods are just as good but it's a shame non the less it happen .

I'm just happy she's not in any severe pain right now and shes happy as hell as she usually is . on firday is when me and my wife are see how things are gonna go and when and where the next op will happen .

Yes I would gladly accept any other opinions from other surgeons via email or phone call to help ease our mental state or even if we did something wrong. We just really want to make sure that our angel is gonna be ok .
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