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Default Experience with v beam laser?

I am getting close to my appointment to have my first v Beam laser treatment done. I have a port wine stain on my cheek and side of nose, and part of my upper lip.

I have had several laser treatments as a kid and a teenager (I'm 32 now) but stopped because the procedure was so unpleasant for me. I have scarring from the argon laser treatment that I had as a very small child, and with the Yag laser as a teenager, I had some minimal scarring but mostly just hated it because it would get so swollen and turn black and purple for 2 weeks, and I had to keep ointment on it to keep it from cracking and drying. I was too embarrassed to leave the house like that so basically I would live in my bedroom for 2 weeks which was awful, especially in pre-internet days. The Yag laser actually worked pretty well to lighten the stain but I only had 2 treatments and I was worried about getting more scars. Figured if I waited long enough they would come out with something better.

Now I am ready to start treatment again since hearing about the vbeam, and am wondering if anyone who has been treated with older lasers has also had the vbeam, and how does it compare? I went for a consultation with a doctor here where I live, who thought I would need 4-5 treatments for significant lightening, and that it should heal enough to be able to put on makeup 5-7 days post treatment, and that is important to me since I never leave the house without it. She told me that I would be swollen for at least 2 days, and that after a week would be "ok." In 2 weeks I am flying to NYC for an appointment at the Laser and Skin Surgery Center and hoping for a good outcome.
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