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Default PWS causing abdominal pain?

Hello - I was on here for a while.. and back...

My PWS covers 90% of my entire body! Yes, the entire body -- very, very rare indeed.

So far - I haven't had too many medical problems with it - varicose veins/hemangiomas on my face .. but nothing major.

I have been experiencing severe right abdominal pain since Sept 2003 - seen several doctors (G.I. / Urologist / etc) -- we've done every test imaginable to man and keep finding nothing -- and now we are starting to wonder if the PWS is possibly growing on the inside and bleeding causing the abdominal pain.

Anyone ever had this or heard of it before? I know when I was born in 1973 - the doctors told my parents that the PWS birthmark could actually grow ..???

Anyway -- let me know, Thanks, Melissa ???
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