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Well, we went back to the doctor today and the doctor agreed that it had definitely grown. His H is spreading into his mouth, but you can see the outline of it on the outside of his lip. She asked if it went down at all after the last injection or if it stayed the same and continued to grow....we told her it just continued to grow. She decided to try another injection, this time with more, and see if that effects it at all. She said that if it doesn't work, that she may consider other options. We go back in a month, yet again.

For those of you who have gone through the injections, how soon do you see results. She explained that his lip may go down and then it may come back, but didn't say how long it will take to go down or how soon it may come back. There is part of me that hopes I will get him up tomorrow morning and his lip will be better, but I also know I have to be realistic.

Thank you!!!!
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