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To Abatie
I haven't spoken to doctor. When I cancelled the appointments the receptionist told me that they do treat older kids with success too. That's all, I really should book myself to see his dermatologist and discuss it.
Oh yes, people can be rude about differences and I have seen some of it already, therefore the decision of waiting with his surgeries till latter date is so painful. I just looked what Cutis Marmorata Telangiectatica Congenita is.. I am sorry to discover such a condition and it seems there is not much treatments out there? I hope you're doing well and yes, thankfully it is on her legs not on her face. My boy has a facial difference that you can't hide, but his PWS is not as bad and he is a handsome boy - We'll do what we can to bring him up with much needed self confidence. PS I posted his photo in my earlier reply.
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