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Hi Emma,
We are very happy with the treatment Charlotte has received to date from Dr Chan. Not long after Charlotte was born, we spoke with doctors in Australia and the US and the consensus seemed to be that our daughter would be in very experienced hands if she received treatment from Dr Chan.
Before speaking with various doctors, we seriously considered having treatment in Sydney but, from memory, we were told that Charlotte would need to be at least 9 months old to commence treatment as she would need to be treated under GA (her birthmark is close to her eye). Given Dr Chan's wonderful reputation and the fact that a few doctors told us that it was best to start treatment as early as possible, we decided to start treatment with Dr Chan when Charlotte was about 4 months old (under GA). Also, as we lived in Hong Kong at the time, it meant Charlotte could receive treatments every 8 to 10 weeks which would have been logistically more difficult if we had decided to travel to Australia for treatment (at that time we had three children under two years of age!).
Charlotte is now four years old and we continue to fly to Hong Kong from Singapore to see Dr Chan. Charlotte's birthmark is now a pale pink and Dr Chan is hopeful that he will achieve further fading with future treatments.
I hope this helps.
Charlotte's mum

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