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Default PWS on whole right side of body


My sweet baby boy was born with an extenstive port wine birthmark covering his entire right side from his arm to his little toes excluding his face. He also has the birthmark on his back (both sides). He was also born with a lesion next to his groin that doctors are still questioning-some are saying its a swollen lymph node while others are saying its some sort of malformation. We are going to the third specialist this month so hopefully this one knows what it is. I noticed that his PWS right leg is alot smaller then his left leg and mentioned it to the specialist however she said not to worry because the diffrence it not 2 cm or more. (this was measured when he was only 1 month-now he is 3 months old)
I guess I am wondering if anyone had a similar story -Does anyone know if the PWS (smaller) leg will ever catch up to the other leg? Will this get worse OR better? --Please help!!
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