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Question help? 8mo old with ulcerated H near groin area

My 8 mo old daughter has a strawberry hemangioma on her inner thigh, just outside the groin area and just outside the diaper leg. We have had no problems until last week when it became ulcerated, only days after she began crawling. The ulceration is nearly 50% the size of the H and has started to look like it is getting infected. We have seen a surgeon who is willing to remove it if there is no improvement by next Tuesday.
We are concerned that because of the location (rubbing on the diaper & in the fold of a leg roll), if the ulcer does heal that it will only ulcer again and again. She is only going to get more active and her diaper isn't going anywhere for maybe 2 years.

Has anyone had experience with a H in that area, where it rubs on the diaper?
What do you think about surgery?
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