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Yeah something with the whole situation is not right. I don't know if I will get any answers because a whole lot of back peddling is being done. Doctors didn't round that were supposed to and both of the actual surgeons left Omaha right after my surgery. That was a big problem since one is one of the few people in the country that do this surgery and he was unavailable to help. The resident that was supposed to round on me had never worked with a patient that had this done. The hospital also called this guy's office about getting someone to come and they were told that they didn't think they rounded at my hospital. He called to schedule my followup appointment last week while he was in Aberdeen (close to home) and found out I hadn't even gotten out of the hospital yet. That should have been a clue that he should have called back to Omaha to find out what was going on. Also, they never had physical or vestibular therapy come work with me the entire time. Being in bed that long has left me almost completely unable to even hold my head up. I never thought I would be the type of person to go after a hospital but we are considering it. We have never had such poor care by doctors through all of our experiences even with Becca's medical issues. I have a lot of anger!
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