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Default Hi again

I have clearly not logged into this discussion forum in a very long time. I am very sorry to those of you who posed questions to me and I did not get back to you.
Also, I am in no way disappointed in the results of the surgery Dr. Reinisch performed on our daughter. I think he did an amazing job and was a wonderful doctor to work with. Our daughter had a very large hemangioma and I cannot expect it to be completely erased. I am grateful to those of you who posed some new ideas for the scar management--thank you. Overall, my daughter is beautiful and we never even get questions about her scar unless I mention it. This stands in stark contrast to the horrible things people used to say to us before her surgery.
I will post some before and after pictures in a separate post (I can't seem to figure out howto do it on the iPad!) Louise was 13 months old at the time of surgery and she just turned 5 last month. It is truly amazing how something that used to absorb my thoughts and worries is very rarely on my radar these days at all--hence my reason fo rnot logging in recently!
Thank you so much for all of your thoughts. I will try to be better at logging on and hope to help some others who arpeggio where I was several years ago. Good luck to all of you!
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