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Unhappy naturally involuting H reappearing again

Hi everyone, a couple of weeks ago we got some great news about our sons H on his forehead….he is finally going to get surgery for his H within the year!! We are very excited that the Doctors gave him the thumbs up to surgery because his H had involuted enough (naturally) for them to remove the H with minimal scaring.
However, my husband I just recently went away for the weekend and when we returned his H had seemed to swell right back up to a large H (back to the size it was when he was 8 months old, he is 27months old now). It had involuted significantly this past year, it was almost all skin colour, the skin was loose and soft (mushy) to touch. Now it is large again, hard and some of the redness is back. His Grandma said he was sick (fever, sick tummy) over the weekend and that’s when his H began to reappear. Has anyone else experienced this before? What should we do?
Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
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