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Default Update

So I had the treatment done 9 days ago. It was swollen for about a day and a half, and dark purple for about 4 days. The procedure itself did not hurt at all, since they put numbing cream on the area. I am surprised by how fast it healed, compared to the YAG laser, which took a full 14 days to heal because of scabs and blisters that formed over the entire treated area.

I used ice for the first 2 days, but surprisingly the swelling did not last as long as I had expected, especially since my upper cheek was treated. The only problem I had was a small amount of crusting/ scabbing around my nose, and very dry, peeling skin starting at day 4. I was able to carefully apply thick, heavy makeup at day 5, and by day 7 my skin was less dry and makeup was easy to apply and remove with no discomfort. I've been using a very small amount of Aquaphor at night which is helping with the dryness.

Overall I am happy with it, and am waiting to see how effective it has been. As it is healing I can see lighter areas and some "skin colored" spots along with some darker discoloration from the laser that is getting lighter each day. I will definitely need multiple treatments but right now the doctor is unable to say how many. I plan to have my next treatment in the fall.
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